Product AUTOMOBILE REPAIR EQUIPMENT A/C Recover, Recycle, Recharge machine ROBINAIR ACM 3000
A/C Recover, Recycle, Recharge machine ROBINAIR ACM 3000
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Robinair ACM3000-ROB Automatic air conditioning service unit for R-134a
The ACM3000 is a compact, lightweight, semi-automatic A/C refrigerant management station. It is fully functional and delivers excellent performance for carrying out A/C servicing on cars and light commercial vehicles. As an entry-level machine, the ACM 3000 is simple and time efficient to use. It is particularly well suited and cost effective for workshops and repairers with low volumes of work.

Robinair ACM3000-ROB Automatic air conditioning service unit for R-134a
+ Part no: 02404-0144
+ Power supply: 220-240v, AC 50Hz
+ Refrigerant: R134a
+ Weight: 60kg
+ Dimensions: 95cm x 55cm x 52cm
+ Cabinet: Solid rear tyres, front casters
+ Refrigerant tank: 8.0kg
+ Oil bottle: 2 x 250ml
+ High performance dry filter: 300cc
+ Hermetic compressor: 1/4hp, 9cc
+ Hoses: 2.5m standard, other lengths available
+ Working environment: 10-50°C
+ Condenser: Fan-cooled
+ Max operating pressure: 18 bar – 261 psi
+ Recharge scale precision: +/-5gm
+ Vacuum pump: 2 stage 70 litres/min, 2.5 cfm
+ Modes: Manual - Automatic
+ Integral printer: Yes
+ Display: 40 character, back-lit LCD
+ Operator prompts: Yes
+ Multi-language display: Yes
+ Service gauges: 80mm class1, bar and psi scales
+ Tank gauge: 40mm, bar and psi scales
+ Vehicle database: Optional – smart key update
+ Refrigerant recycling: Automatic
+ Vacuum leak test: Automatic
+ Oil drain: Automatic
+ Oil injection: Manual – solenoid visual control
+ UV dye injection: No (Seperate kit required)
+ Recovery restart: Automatic
+ Maintenance indicators: LCD display prompts
+ Installation: Inclusive
+ Training: Inclusive up to 4 technicians
+ Warranty: 12 months
+ Helpdesk technical support: Inclusive
+ Database software: Inclusive of first update

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