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Dual-Cylinder 1HP Refrigerant Recovery Unit CM3000A

CM3000A Dual-Cylinder portable refrigerant recovery series are designed and manufactured

by CM company,which are for out maintenance,capable to recovery all kinds of refrigerants

with high performance,even CFC/HCFC/HFC categories of refrigerants including R410A etc.



  •  draw-bar and Wheels design make it more easier to carry
  •  "Super cool" fan and efficient condenser design provides fast speed in recovery process
  •  Multi-function valve design
  •  Large filter outlay design,which is convenient for replacing;
  •  Optional float cable provides automatic shut off when tanks are 80% full;
  •  CM exceptional compressor allow fast recovery in high temperature environments;
  •  R410A ready with 550 psi high pressure shut-off switch;
  •  0 to 55 bar (800-psig) discharge gauge to handle R-410A;
  •   self-clean function which prevents cross-contamination;




 1.Compressor: 1HP oil less dual-cylinder compressor

 2.Vapor Recovery Rate: less than 33.9Kg/h

 3.Direct Liquid Recovery Rate: less than 240Kg/h

 4.Push/Pull Recovery Rate: less than 660Kg/h

 5.Cooling Type: Air cooled

 6.Weight: 20kg

 7.Volatge: 220V 50Hz

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