Máy hàn đa năng MIG/MAG, NO-GAS, MMA, TIG DC 200A Deca JOB 523PULSE LAB Máy hàn đa năng MIG/MAG, NO-GAS, MMA, TIG DC 200A Deca JOB 523PULSE LAB
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Máy hàn đa năng MIG/MAG, NO-GAS, MMA, TIG DC 200A Deca JOB 523PULSE LAB
Xuất xứ: Deca - Italy


Code: 249600 power source with 2 MIG torch 180A 3m.
Inverter technology power sources controlled by microprocessor for MIG/MAG with conventional and PULSED current, NO-GAS wire, MMA and TIG DC welding
  • Wire welding with PULSED current essential for the welding of thin thicknesses, to avoid deformation and weld breaks.
  • MIG BRAZING program useful in bodywork for MIG brazing of galvanized sheets at low temperature, it avoids the sublimation of the zinc that protects the steel from corrosion.
  • Two MIG torches it allows to have two wire spools ready for welding two different materials; the typical choice in bodywork is to use SG2 and Cu.Si3 (or Cu.Al8) for repairs on carbon steel and galvanized sheet.
  • SPOOL-GUN torch optional, thanks to the 6m cable it allows to work at longer distances from the power source; the wire spool on the gun avoids any feeding problem, therefore it is a good option to weld with a soft wire like aluminium.
  • 1) synergic MIG / MAG specific welding programs for carbon steel, aluminium, stainless steel, copper-silicon and copper-aluminium wires.
  • 2) manual MIG/MAG manual adjustment of welding parameters starting from a basic program.
  • 3) MMA adjustment of welding current, ARC-FORCE and HOT-START.
  • 4) TIG DC Lift Lift start to limit tungsten inclusions in the welded joint, manual adjustment of welding current, good for all metals, except aluminium.
  • Fine adjustment many welding parameters can be modified by the operator based on specific needs.
  • Welding programs it is possible to save a program with the optimal setting of the welding parameters suitable for a recurring application and recall it later.


Welding current range (Amp): MIG / NO GAS: 10 - 200A
MMA: 10 - 160A
TIG: 10 - 200A
Duty Cycle (Amp) (EN 60974-1 40°C): MIG / NO GAS: (200A - 25%) - (140A - 60%)
MMA: (160A - 30%) - (130A - 60%)
TIG: (200A - 30%) - (140A - 60%)
Open circuit voltage (Volt): 85V
Wire Suitable Spool: 200 - 300 mm x 2
Steel wire (Ø mm): Ø 0,6 - 0,8 - 1,0 mm
Stainless steel wire (Ø mm): Ø 0,8 - 1,0 mm
Aluminiumn Mg wire (Ø mm): Ø 0,8 - 1,0 mm
Aluminiumn Si wire (Ø mm): Ø 1,0 mm
CuSi 3 Wire (Ø mm): Ø 0,8 mm
CuSi 8 Wire (Ø mm): Ø 0,8 - 1,0 mm
Self shielded wire (mild teel) (Ø mm): Ø 0,9 - 1,2 mm
Rutile: MMA: Ø 1,6 - 4,0 mm
Basic: MMA: Ø 2,0 - 4,0 mm
TIG torch electrode: TIG: Ø 1,6 - 4,0 mm
Alimentation volt (50/60 Hz): 1 Ph x 230V
Installation Power (Kw): 6,0 KW
Fuse (Amp): 25A
Wire feeder: 4 rulli - 4 rollers x 2
Torch connection: Euro
Socket: 25 mm2
Weight kg ≅: 42.5
Dimensions (mm): 860 x 560 x 1000
Pulsed welding: yes - (Torcia n° 2, Torch n° 2, Torche n° 2)
Double pulsed welding (PULSEX2): yes - (Torcia n° 2, Torch n° 2, Torche n° 2)
Synergic welding: yes
Manual welding: yes
Potentiometer torch: Autosetting
Double Torch: yes
Wire loading: yes
Purge: yes
SD Card reader: yes
Pregas - Postgas: yes
2T / 4T: yes
Spot / Stich: yes
Burn back: Regolabile - Adjustable
Hot Start: Regolabile - Adjustable
Wire approach spedd: Regolabile - Adjustable
Hot Start (MMA): Regolabile - Adjustable
Arc Force (MMA): Regolabile - Adjustable
Anti-sticking (MMA/TIG): yes
TIG Lift (Torch with gas valve): yes
Thermostatic Protection: yes
Barcode: 8011399033007
HS code: 85153100

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